Welcome to Burton Hill Farm – farmstead goat cheeses, and more!

Burton Hill Farm is a family farm located in the serene agricultural setting of Vashon Island, Washington, just a fifteen minute ferry ride from West Seattle. Our commitment is to the health of our family and yours by putting our efforts into improving our community, environment, and life through farming. We make farmstead cheese from our certified Grade A raw goat milk, raise pigs, make goat milk soap, and more!

Throughout the milking season, our goats are rotated on 10 acres of organically maintained mixed shrub and grass pastures. They are also fed locally sourced organic, non-GMO grains from Scratch ‘n’ Peck Feeds and premium non-GMO alfalfa and orchard grass hay. We adhere to natural methods of goat husbandry using diatomaceous earth and herbal wormers to reduce parasite loads, always looking to herbal and natural methods of management before using any synthetic remedies.

We hope our farm and its products will be a blessing to you. It makes us so happy to take part with you in sharing and enjoying nature’s great abundance!

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam – “all for the greater glory of God!”

The Medeiros Family